Welcome to ArthritisMitigation.com. Lots of tips, articles, books, and products designed to help arthritis sufferers are here and more coming soon!  Since I am not a doctor, by law, I cannot give medical advice.  I have been an arthritis sufferer myself for nearly two decades and have done a great deal of research.  I’ve read many books, tried diets, products, exercises, and techniques to get help for myself.  Some worked and some didn’t.  Consequently, I feel it is time to pay it forward from those who have helped me.

What I can do to help fellow arthritis sufferers is to tell you stories of what has worked for me and what hasn’t and find articles, books, methods, and products that may help you too.

I have an affiliate relationship with several companies that have products related to arthritis, chronic pain, and healthy living. Generally, I’ve been a customer of these companies and products so that when I write about them it’s from personal experience.  The books that show an Amazon button are either books I’ve read or put on my reading list based on the reviews I’ve read.  I’ve also used some of the products that show an Amazon button and the others are products I selected because they’ve been recommended by others.  If you purchase from one of my Amazon buttons, I may receive a commission but it won’t cost you anymore and I appreciate your support as it helps to support this website.  When I reference a company or product with which I have an affiliate relationship, you’ll see “(affiliate link)” next to the hyperlink.  Your support by using my affiliate links is much appreciated.

Mission Statement:  To engage with chronically ill people and those in pain to provide ideas, knowledge, and tools to help improve their lives.

To your good health and relief!
~ Wes Rogers

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