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This blog includes articles, books, and products to help people with arthritis and related conditions to get help in improving their condition, dealing with pain, and improving their lives.  I have either read the books myself or placed them on my reading list after reading the reviews.  I listen to the ones I can as audio books.  I have also used some of the products, myself.  Others have been selected based on product reviews from others.  Where I can add personal experience with the products, I annotate the entries where appropriate.  This is still a work in progress.  Thanks for checking out my blog!  I send out a brief weekly newsletter with new articles, research, and other books and products that I come across or scrounge up from research.  So, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter. Disclosure:  I have an affiliate relationship with some of the vendors.  You can see details in the site Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.
To your good health and relief!  With Best Regards,
~ Wes ~